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Hello! I got asked in IG how I do my eyebrows so I decided to make a picture tutorial. I will make video tutorial later which will show you better how I do everything. I thought this tutorial can also be useful to those fellow mates who do not have good and thick natural eyebrows. As you can see I am certainly with you people.

P1: First apply concealer, eyeshadow primer, foundation or anything which is close to your skin color and will make eyeshadow stay at your "less-hairy" parts of your eyebrows. 
(I used concealer).

P2: Draw light outlines with sharp angled makeup brush to get the starting shape of what you want your eyebrow to have and do these with the darker eyeshadow because we will blend it later.

P3: Draw the ending line with sharp angled makeup brush and use the darkest color of your chosen eyeshadows.

P4. Blend used eyeshadow on the empty part of your eyebrows with soft and small makeup brush before filling your eyebrow up with more eyeshadow.

P5: Add lighter shade of your chosen eyeshadows to fill up all the empty areas and blend very well from the
beginning to make ombre effect.
(You can also use eyeshadow
which is skin/beige/light yellow 
colored with the ombre effect if it 
seems too hard to do it with just 
blending already existing eyeshadow). 

P6: Take your concealer applier 
makeup brush and take couple shades
 lighter concealer than your own skin colour. 
Clean your eyebrow lines from
 bottom and up, especially bottom
 to make it clean and spotless.

(If you have very light eyebrows like I do, 
I suggest you to dye your eyebrows
 with eyebrow- and eyelash dye or
 just use your "old" dark brown
 or even black mascara).

Eyeshadows are from BLUSH PROFESSIONAL
120 Colour Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup brushes are from COASTALSCENTS
12 Piece Brush Set

Concealer palette is some cheap 4 euro eBay shit I bought long ago, brand unknown.

So here you have! I will make video tutorial later but I hope this makes it a bit more understandable! 

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