torstai 21. elokuuta 2014

For my english speaking readers (and others)

Oh dear. I really think it's time to do some major updating because my last posts have been mainly in finnish and also for that why I've been so inactive in IG and my blog. First of all, I have been super tired because there has been so many things going on in my life in so small amount of time. I had my breast reduction- and fat transit surgery at 4th of this month. It was second part of my breast surgery. 
First 2 days I was at the hospital and next 12 days took a lot of healing. Now I'm feeling pretty good. Well I mean I can't lift things which weight over 3kg and I can't do exercising or stuff like that, but I feel pretty energetic and I feel like I can't stay put. 

Also I took my phone to repair 5 weeks ago and I _STILL_ don't have it back so I can't use IG at all. Well sometimes I scroll the page at my work on a computer but I can't post any pictures or so. I did use instagram on Topi's (my boyfriend's) phone for the first week but he started to get pissed off because of it so I just let it be and haven't used it pretty much at all. Haha.

What else.... Well I have had my friend over at my place for some time for her personal reasons and tomorrow she's getting keys to her own (rental) place so she's moving there. It has been kinda funny to have friend over 24/7 because I usually don't stand having people overnight on my place, but she's kinda like a plant or lamp, part of my furnishings, lol.
It's hard for me to hang out with people who can't "entertain" themselves, because I hate to be asking like: "Do you want this? Do you want that? What do you wanna do? Are you bored? Do my cats or bird bother you?" etc etc. It stresses me the hell out. So I rather just have them hang around at my place like it's their place, within reason. So no asshole attitude or selfish act or I can't deal with it.

Oh oh, and I got my new drivings licence! I have had my old drivings licence for 2 years but I never drove any car because 1st: I don't have a car, 2nd: Driving scared the shit out of me, but  now I LOVE IT. Driving is so much fun. I'm going all Michelle Rodriguez driving in Fast and the Furious. Aaaand I love to sing in the car, when I'm alone of course.

Yesterday I started working at this youth center/community centre as youth instructor trainee. For these past two days I have been working with youngsters from age 9-12. Next monday I'm working first hours with 9-12 year olds and after that 13-17 year olds. My workmates and head youth instructor are so nice, I can't believe how lucky I am (once in a lifetime). My feelings in summary: excited, excited, excited, nervous, slightly scared, challenged, responsible, excited, important. I feel great!

Alsooooo something else what makes me excited... tomorrow Topi and I are going for a cruise to Stockholm! We have been together over 2 years (we had our anniversary 13th of this month) and we haven't done pretty much anything "special" together. I mean sure we have gone to our parents and grandparents summer cottages and such, but you know what I mean? Neither of has a lot of money so this is like super special thing that we are going somewhere. Cruise is from friday (tomorrow) to sunday. It lasts 3 days and 2 nights and it goes from Helsinki to Stockholm and back. We have this awesome cabin named LXB Seaside Premium Promenade with 160cm wide bed, tv, fridge, window, hairdryer, bathroom and everything. I am so super excited that I still can't believe I'm actually going for a cruise with my boyfriend to this awesome ship in awesome cabin with awesome buffet and awesome trip!

I'll take lots of pictures and add them here after our trip!
Thank you for being understanding on here and IG about me being inactive. After I start getting my s**t together so to speak I'll add lots of pictures and write in finnish + english. 


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  1. Tänks bro täst englannin kielen harjottelusta xoxo lamppusi <3