tiistai 7. lokakuuta 2014

Stockholm city

Jee Ruotsin reissu- ja risteily kuvia. Tykitys "maisema-" eli kaupunkikuvia ja tietenkin naamakuvia!

Yay trip- and cruise photos of Sweden! Lots of photos from Stockholm and of course face and boring outfit takes.

 Seriously getting bored to this hair but what you have if what you got \o/

 Me and Topi liked this photo especially.
To put it in my words: "Oh my god I don't look so ugly and you can see my hairless armpits!"
Fact: My armpits don't grow any hair at all and I'm really proud of it. Haha.

 I liked this photo so much. It looks like a commerial!

We bought new sunglasses and I was like: 
"Topi you should take those, they are so Johnny Depp-like!"


 Topi: "Hey hey! Take picture of that Jackdaw there hanging on the URBAN COFFEE!"

 And in the photo up you can see my fashionable full-body-picture. It's 2nd from right!

Well okay no, but here is a real photo of me and 
I thought that in some pictures my hair length isn't so bad.

 Everything looks so yummy!!

 Damn Topi, showing me his affection and love in the most sweetest way... 
Flicking the finger......

And here is a photo of us being what we are. Idiots.

Hope you had fun checking these photos out and I'm so sorry for keeping you waiting for so long!

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