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Violet moon. Geo medical circle lenses review


Like I promised yesterday, here is a review of my new circle lenses from Geolenses!
☆ Couple facts first in case this brand is new for you. ☆

1.     GEO Medical (aka Geolenses or Geocolouredlenses) is a safe Korean circle contact lens brand. It is the only brand of circle lenses currently approved by the U S Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) and has also gained International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Conformité Européenne (CE) certification. There are currently many circle contact lens brands in the market and customers should always purchase their circle lenses carefully to avoid fake or unreliable brands. 

2.     All Geo products are genuine. Each lens vial comes with a sticker with a hidden unique serial code and customers will be able to verify its authenticity on  GEO Anti-fake website.

3.    Most of their circle contact lenses are actually available with prescription
Also, don't hesitate to contact customer service in case of a question.

4. offers  FREE international shipping and a FREE lens case for each pair of circle contact lenses purchased

 Now the fun part, pics and details!
I actually received my lenses A WEEK after dispatch. Seriously, sometimes getting something with post inside Finland takes longer. So it's pretty dang awesome!

I am wearing Geo Luna Violet CM-721 in 0.00 option.
These lenses feel very light. Even lighter than their other lenses I've had. Which makes Luna Violet's feel very comfortable for those who have trouble finding good circle lenses for their sensitive eyes. Geo Luna makes my eyes look beautiful light violet and slightly bigger and still very natural.  

(Indoor light)

I suggest to go and follow their pages on social media to keep up with this leading circle lense brand! 

Facebook Instagram (username: @geolenses) 
Tumblr and Pinterest 
Why to follow? Well for instant offer updates, beauty news and real-life photos of course! ☆ 

(Outdoor light)

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