sunnuntai 19. heinäkuuta 2015

Annabelle's Wigs: Esme

I'm super excited now! I have been dreaming and thinking how I would look like with a green hair and now I got the change.

I got this beautiful green long bob wig with a fringe from 
 and her name is Esme!

This shop is based in UK but they ship all over the world!
What is pretty impressive is that even huge celebrities have worn their hairpieces, for example Adele and Kelly Osbourne.
So this brand is a real deal.
Check out more info about this customer friendly and high quality brand at HERE.

I got it in couple days from the day when I ordered it. It came right to the door (happy surprise). I got it out of the bag and run my fingers through the hair. The best feeling ever!

Esme feels silky soft and unlike many other wigs it has this some sort of camouflage of a scalp. Like a skin. That was actually one of the best features this wig has. It also actually looks like my own hair! Sometimes when I've been wearing wigs, it really looks like a hairpiece. I have been starting to think that I just can't use any wigs because I look stupid in them. But I think this actually looked pretty good, even on me!

You be the judge.

Only thing that made me go -?- was when I brushed this wig, couple stresses came out of it. It could have been that I was too excited and brushed it too hard thought.......

Be gentle with your wigs!

You can order synthetic hair supplies from the Annabelle's Wigs page to keep your wigs in supah shape.

Thank you for reading!

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