perjantai 10. heinäkuuta 2015

Gone green with the Lady Lime

I have to say that I have always been kinda careful with the color green... but that thought has gone with the wind! Because I got to try these beautiful circle lenses from none one else than the Geolenses 

and I had sudden urge to make everything green for this look! 

So don't be shocked but my look went from regular to Irish.

I have to admit, that having light green eyes and aaaaalways dreaming of brown eyes I was kinda suspicious about green lenses. But these 

Geolica Euro Lady Lime Green

 lenses are nothing like regular green, they make your eyes POP! Seriously. 
Someone might think you have this exotic green eyecolor without realizing you are actually wearing circle lenses.

Some of the best qualities of Geocoloured circle lenses
1. They are super safe to your eyes. With medical approval and everything. That's why this brand is also known as GEO Medical.
2. They make your eyes slightly bigger making your them look super temptating.
3. Shipping is FREE! (which pretty good for broke-ass gurls like me).
(EDIT) 4. They are really cheap, and unlike some shop lenses, they last for three months. Awesome.
5. Geolenses are sheer. 
6. And for those who use contact lenses for their original reason; you can have them in option (prescription). So no need for glasses and in addition you get any beautiful eyecolor you have ever wanted. Only sky is the limit!

Thanks for reading!


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