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My life: When acting cheap turned into acting ethical.

When the cheap and nice turned into ethical, good and price independent.

As some of you may know, I turned into food vegan months ago and turning rest of the way have come slowly after. I have always preferred anything and everything cruelty-free, but I kinda decided not to think about it too much because I am what I am: semi-poor. I really don't have much money on me and I have been thinking that if I lived in, for example, US, it's high likely I would be live on the streets.

Many of the products I have and use are either the cheapest, long time saved and bought, or something I got from a friend. I have always stressed about money because I do have many pets (and they always come first in my life) and I have been handling a big part of my own living since I was really young so there isn't much to save from. Still, every now and then I do buy something extra. Biggest thing that is eating my money and giving me a hard time next month is my hair
I love to dye my hair. I also get hair extensions every time I can squeeze it from my wallet which is about once a year. 

Those who know me, know that I do have other passion; being as good as I can to animals.
With that I got the power to sweep of the talk "I don't have money to buy cruelty-free products. It's too expensive" and actually got the time to do some research on it. Cruelty-free (and vegan) is being a big thing now on the beauty market. People are almost fighting over getting a label CRUELTY-FREE on their products and brands. Which is kinda amazing thinking of how fucked up everything else is on food side and saving the nature. 
So when did FREE and ANIMAL TESTED start holding hands? Who knows and who cares, what really matters is that markets are huge and CHEAP isn't all about animal testing and going from where the fence is low. I have found several brands and products from all around that have their leaping bunny logos, PETA marks and cruelty-free proofs. 

Still, living in Finland is a challenge for thinkers like me. Cheap is still in. Big Time. Fortunately awareness is spreading and people are starting to think that MAYBE animals aren't FOR US TO USE.

When I go to my local big market, I can find my lipbalm, my shampoo and conditioner etc. cruelty-free, but of damn. The hairdyes, the freaking hairdyes. Which is why I haven't done anything to my hair for about 2 months. Dark color is fading, my roots and ends are dreadful, silver and grey are long gone. I don't feel like myself at all with this rag of a hair... Finally hard work is paying off! I have found many brands and products (including hairdyes) which I can either order or get from stores at Finland. And to save you from hard work I will buy, test and do reviews. No sponsorships or nothing. Just broke-ass me trying to squeeze couple euros and continue my passions with beauty and animals. You're welcome my fellow animal defenders and cruelty-free fellas. This is for everyone, in Finland or abroad. ♥ 


I have just ordered stuff from E.L.F, which is short for EYESLIPSFACE. I have noticed that their products are indeed cruelty-free and most of them vegan. Quality...I don't know yet. We will see! See you next time when I give you guys a review and maybe do a video of using their products in action.


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